What is a Design Pattern? (Answered.)

I recently answered that question: The entire concept of Design Patterns for software was popularized and maybe invented by the Gang of Four. This is the book. It’s an amazing artifact, organized differently from any other book I’ve seen. It’s worth checking it out from a library and reading at least the introduction and a…More

A Docker dev config for Ruby on Rails

I use Docker for all my client work, and most of my personal projects too. I love it. It’s saved me a ton of money because it uses so much less RAM than Vagrant — what I had been using. Benefits of this config Just docker-compose up to set up and launch the dev environment…More

Setting up a Docker dev environment for Elixir+Phoenix

Benefits One-line setup and bootup: docker-compose up. It creates the database, does the Dialyzer pre-work (if the project has Dialyxer installed), etc. A true development-oriented config: Source code is mounted so that changes in the container appear on the host, and vice-versa. Fast re-builds because the DOCKERFILE is written to help Docker cache the images. Syncing with the…More