App Review: Smurfs' Village — New Innovations in Money Extraction

An 8-year-old rang up $1,400 in charges (for “Smurfberries”) via the Smurfs’ Village iPhone game. The reporting focused on how such a thing could happen: Via a “15-minute loophole”? An older sister passing along the iTunes password? An 8-year-old not understanding real vs. game dollars? I decided to look at the design of the game…More

That one little confusing thing about the Git version control system

Git and github are awesome pieces of software. Last year, I happily switched from subversion to git just like, years ago, I switched from CVS to Subversion. Another evolutionary step. I use GitHub for lots of reasons. The biggest is that it’s the best front-end to git that I’ve found. And so now I use…More

Potential Trouble for Open Source Licenses: MDY v. Blizzard

A new decision was just published in MDY v. Blizzard (the makers of World of Warcraft): Decision (pdf), EFF Article One part of the holding isn’t surprising: Purchasers of WoW aren’t owners but rather licensees of the software. But the other part is much more interesting and I think it narrows the basis for the…More

Why "git" instead of "svn"?

As I learn git, I’m experiencing advantages that I haven’t seen described together. Also, I haven’t seen a description from the perspective of the real-world differences in your files, so here goes: Background context Subversion uses a single, central repository which is in a remote place. And in your project, it maintains .svn/ directories in every…More