The Hidden Dangers of Beautiful Themes

Some of the best-designed and officially featured WordPress themes aren’t built to handle mid-volume traffic. Just one incoming link from a semi-popular page can take your server down. A New Blog for a Web App Everything started out smoothly. Like thousands of developers do every day, I set up a new WordPress installation to support…More

Amazon AWS in pictures: ec2 billing options

Today’s announcement adds to the alphabet soup of Amazon’s AWS offerings. Here’s my first draft at diagramming the billing side: I’m a fan of AWS, but there is definitely a steep learning curve to it. There are so many neologisms and so much complexity; it reminds me of Amazon’s Kindle offerings vs. the iPad.More

Identifying an Anonymous Blogger

An attorney friend asked me how to identify a blogger or possibly get their “ip address.” My answer: This is difficult to do, but it’s an interesting question. There are two main ways to write a blog: (a) at a blogging platform like, or (b) at a personal / corporate custom web site. The…More

Speeding up my Mac: Web Browsers and the RAM They Use

If speed’s what we want, why test RAM usage? I’m interested in how all my apps perform, not just the web browser. The Mac is smart and will use every extra leftover bit of RAM to speed everything up. RAM in computers is like kitchen counter space: the more space you have, the less shuffling…More

Dorkboard and Arduino

Today on Reddit someone asked me what the differences are between Dorkboard and Arduino — why do I recommend that beginners should start with the latest Arduino board (currently the Uno)? Here’s what I wrote: Each has an LED hard-wired to pin 13 for basic testing. The Dorkboard, however, does it the opposite from Arduino:…More