About Me

IMG_0501I’m Robb Shecter, a social entrepreneur  in Boulder, CO. My startup, Public.Law, is making the law more accessible.

Email: robb@public.law
Twitch · LinkedIn · Twitter · GitHub

Interest Areas

  • Open data and public health
  • Developing beautiful, well made apps
  • Jazz bass

Activities & Community Involvement

  • Volunteer, Dove Lewis Animal Hospital and St. Andrew Legal Clinic
  • Creator, Public.Law and Open Health Scores: restaurant inspection reporting for Austin, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, NYC, and San Francisco.
  • Making a Difference Award, Lewis & Clark Law School Alumni Assoc., 2012
  • Best Idea Award, CivicApps for Greater Portland, 2010
  • Musician, bass, drums, and lots more.


Law is Code and We’re Here to Open-Source It
Conference presentation with Lisa Hackenberger at 2011 Open Source Bridge, Portland Oregon

The New .CO Top-Level Domain
Swider Medeiros Haver LLP Newsletter (Sep. 14, 2010).

The Recipe for Better Legal Information Services,
Cornell Law School VoxPopuLii (Aug. 12, 2009).

Role-Based Single Sign-on with Perl and Ruby,
Linux Journal (July 1 2007).

Object-Oriented Widgets,
Java Report (Dec. 1999).

Design by Interface,
Dr. Dobb’s Journal (Feb. 1999).

Security and Authentication with Digital Signatures,
Linux Journal (Aug. 1997).

Other Projects

I dream of creating a dog-computer interface.

14 thoughts on “About Me

    1. have a question for you ..what is the definition of trespassing in first degree 164.255 if you could explain that to me that would be very helpful to me you can email me at lotionzone1@gmail.com by the way my name is George Vaughn


  1. Thank you for oregonlaws.org. I was researching civil commitment laws and looking for other places besides OAR for reference and comparing my notes to, and your website was just what I was looking for.


  2. Where the hell have you been? We have to catch up! Congrats on finishing your degree! Find me on Facebook or email me and we can get a drink. I would love to hear what you are up to.


  3. Hi, I am studying to be a paralegal and I have to do a lot of research as you well know. My question is how can I use oregonlaws.org as a relevant secondary source? I guess what I am asking is Oregonlaws.org considered a valid secondary source? Thanks G


  4. Thank you for the wonderful resource. My name is Jeannene Kott and I would like to petition the courts to become personal representative of my parent’s estate. My sister is currently being investigated for elder abuse and fraud. She claims there is no will. I would like to submit the petition myself without an attorney. Do you know if this can be done? If so, is there a form? Do you know where I can find this information? It looks like you have it covered but for the form? I appreciate your democratizing the law and love your work at Oregonlaws.org


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